Guard Rails for Computer Desk

I sometimes accidentally push objects off the edge of my desk when trying to rearrange it (the speakers are a common victim).  I was concerned that one day I would push one of the four legs of my monitor stand over the edge, leading to a smashed monitor.  A while back, I added some strips of wood around the side and back edges of the desk to act as guard rails.  The strips are big enough to stop a sliding object, but still small enough that they do not get in my way.  Here is a summary of what I did:

1) Obtained strips of wood and small nails.  I believe the strips of wood were furring strips.  They had a 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch cross-section.  Here is a picture:

2) Cut the strips to fit the size of the desk and sanded down the ends to make them smooth.

3) Drilled pilot holes in the strips, large enough to accommodate the nails without splitting the wood.  I placed a nail about every 3 inches:

3) Prepared the nails by hammering them into all of the pilot holes.  I only hammered them partially in, so that the nails were not sticking out the bottom.

4) Laid the strips down on the desk.  Once I was happy with the placement, I finished hammering the nails through the strips and into the desk.

5) The strips I bought were a little too short to span the entire back of the desk, so I cut some small pieces that would fill the empty space.  Rather than nail them down, I started by making them slightly larger than the empty space, and then sanded them down until I could wedge them in between the nailed-down strips.  This ensured a tight fit so that they would not fall out.  You can see one piece in the last photo below.

Here is the finished product: